7-10 Split Bowl
21 Railway Parade,
Fairfield, NSW 2165 Australia
Telephone: +612 9726 8558
Website: www.710split.com.au

C4 is a high intensity battle field simulation: A fun filled adventure game perfect for children & adults with state of the art laser combat weaponry!

You will maneuver through a multi level world, battling it out with other teams and putting your skills to the test.

Facility and gaming features include

  • Mission briefing AREA
  • Advanced laser weapons TRAINING.
  • Timed battle skirmishes, personalised scoring and team rankings.
  • Multi leveled battle ground for stealthy attacks or fast paced head on shoot outs.
  • Action packed children’s birthday parties – Perfect from ages 5 and above.
  • Team building challenges.
  • Adrenalin pumping group battles.

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