Eagle Falls Adventure Golf & Laser Tag
1040 E. Pine Street
Eagle River, WI 54521 USA
Telephone: +1 715 477 0808
Website: www.eaglefallsadventuregolf.com

New to Eagle Falls in 2013 is Northern Lights Laser Tag.

What is Laser Tag: Laser Tag is an exciting and fun team-based or individual game appropriate for players age 6 and older. Think of it as a high-tech game of tag or capture the flag. In the game, players are challenged to make the most “tags” on the other team. The player or team with the most “tags” wins. Laser tag is a great activity for families, youth groups, birthday parties, camp groups, corporate events, and individuals just wanting to have fun.

Briefing and Vesting: At the start of your session, you will enter a briefing and vesting chamber. Your guide will divide you into teams and give instructions on how to play the game and use the equipment.

The Arena: The laser tag arena is a highly interactive 3000 sq. ft. play area. It is full of fun effects including fog, black lights, music, multi-level play areas and creative themed decorations.

The Experience: Each player is equipped with a high-tech phaser and vest. As you pass through the Stargate into the arena, your phaser and vest activate. You find yourself in a fog filled wooded atmosphere surrounded by the Northern Lights. Navigate through the forest passage ways and maze. The black lights and adrenaline pumping music make the forest come to life. Your opponent is lurking in the forest. You see blinking lights materialize through the drifting fog. The other team is advancing on your team’s base! You tag your opponent just in time. Their vest de-activates. Suddenly your vest vibrates and the lights go out. You’ve been tagged. Find a safe place to hide. Your vest will re-activate in 5-10 seconds and the game continues.

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