Incredible Pizza Company
11743 West Ave
Antonio TX 78216 USA
Telephone: +1 210 342 2121

At San Antonio’s Incredible Pizza Company our fun laser tag attraction is packed with action, adventures and fun for all ages. Our lasers at our San Antonio location are completely safe. A harmless radio signal is transferred from the toy laser phasers to a vest you wear. When the signal is aimed correctly, it connects with the vest and points are scored. You won’t feel a thing. It’s easy and it’s a blast! Laser tag is designed to play with a couple of friends, a group of people or you can just join in with a friendly crowd already in play for some exciting adventures. It is perfect for family fun, birthday parties and group activities.

Top 5 things people love about this attraction
1. Fun Room Layout
2. Hazer Machine
3. Action Energy
4. Variety of Game Modes
5. Tagging

Warning! This attraction may affect any guest:

With epilepsy, due to light effects
With asthma, due to fog effects
With heart conditions, due to physical play

Mission Rules

No Running
No climbing on walls or scenery
No physical contact with other players
No laying or sitting on the floor
Play fair, play smart and give it your all

tag1 tag2 tag3 tag4 tag5