King Putt Las Vegas
Stephanie Beltway Plaza,
27 S Stephanie St,
Henderson, NV 89012,
Telephone: 702-541-6807

Your exciting adventure will begin by learning the rules and format of the game you will be playing. Participants will then split into teams, select their equipment, and enter our Egyptian-themed arena.

Our advanced equipment will ensure you have a fantastic time while exploring the multiple levels or our arena and seeking out people to tag.

King Putt staff will choose a game format that fits the group’s skill level and specific goals for the experience. For example, our corporate team building groups will likely start with a simple two team game and then play more complex game formats to improve their communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

However, our walk-in participants will likely stick with simple two or three team game formats or even the free-for-all format where participants try to tag all players and there are no teams. No matter the game format, we are sure you will have a blast!

Laser Tag Equipment
King Putt uses the worlds most sophisticated laser tag equipment that offers fast action packed laser tag games that are enhanced by our black light living arena . Our special lighting effects, interactive intelligent devices, and a thumping sound track ensure a memorable experience for people 5 and up. Over 40% of participants are adults looking to engage in a competitive, exhilarating game with their friends, family, and co-workers.