4505 East 3rd St,
Bloomington IN 47401 USA
Telephone: +1 812 337 0456

Lazerlite offers Bloomington, Indiana’s only lasertag experience. We also have a large arcade, snack bar and party rooms. Laser tag is action packed fun! Laser tag is a high tech, live action laser Book a Group Event today!game played in a themed arena where special effects, fog, laser beams; pulse-pumping music and other players create an exciting, entertaining adventure.

Players score points by deactivating opponents and their Base Stations with their phaser while defending themselves and their team’s Base Stations from opponents.

Before each game, players are led to the Briefing Room where a Games Marshal gives a customized explanation of the rules, the game, how the equipment functions and safety guidelines.

Once briefed, player’s head for the Vesting Room, where they strap on their laser vests and prepare for action. Heart pumping, senses alert, the door swings open and the action begins.

Once the game has ended, collect your individual score sheet which prints all the game statistics for you and your team.

Not only does LazerLite have an awesome laser tag arena, there is an observation deck so you can watch the action. Players must be at least 6 years old to play laser tag at LaserLite.