Scene 75 – Dayton
6196 Poe Ave.
Dayton, OH 45414
Telephone: +1 937 619 3200

The Best Laser Tag in Ohio!

Walking into the laser tag arena you see fog swirling in the air, effect lights shining, and hear music pumping throughout the maze of walls. Each player is equipped with a high-tech laser tag battle suit & phaser. It is up to you & your team to score as many points as you can by tagging the opposing players and destroying their base. The lights on your vest activate, the speakers on your vest tell you to “get ready”, the mission has started!

Each of Scene75’s laser tag arenas are uniquely themed depending on which location you visit. Check out the information about the laser tag in Dayton & Cincinnati in the sections below.


scene75 Dayton laser tag

Scene75 Laser Tag Dayton