4815 Hwy 6 N,
Houston TX 77084 USA
Telephone: +1 281 200 2600

Welcome To Area 21. 
A two story 8,000 sq ft. deserted urban building that, houses a maze of barriers, barrels, radioactive materials and bases. As you work your way through, fog slowly creeps in as your eyes adjusts to the black lights and flashing sirens. You’re armed with the latest advancement in futuristic military weapons; a 30th century laser gun with and an active pack which will update you on your progress throughout the mission. Your enemies move quickly and have the same armament as you, so be quick and decisive and make every shot count.

When you play at Area 21, you are a walking target. You have targets on your shoulders, back, chest, and in the laser you’re carrying. Guerrilla tactics apply. There’s no shame in zapping someone in the back, so snipe away. It’s all about racking up points or achieving goals set during the briefing. The little stuff can add up – but the jackpot is in capturing the opposing bases, or scoring a goal or turning someone to the dark side, with game variety beyond belief.

This is no video game… the ability to “play well with others” is required. When you’re all done, you’ll get a scorecard and see how your statistics stack up with other players.