Base Assault

This is a 2 team game where the Fire team’s mission is to destroy as many Bases as they can, and the Ice team’s mission is to stop them.

Players require a variable number of hits to be deactivated based upon skill level as per a standard Team mission. The Rapid Fire special ability functions as per a standard Team mission, however no other special abilities operate in this mission type.

The Fire team get bonus points by destroying Bases. It takes 3 hits to destroy a Base however if anyone else zaps the Base while you are trying to destroy it, all of your hits on the Base are lost. You must wait 2.5 seconds between each hit on a Base. If you zap a Base without destroying it, you will lose points. If the Base is not zapped for 6 seconds, any current damage is healed. Once the Base is destroyed it will deactivate for all players for 10 seconds. The person who deactivated the Base cannot zap it for another 2 minutes after it reactivates. Bases can be destroyed unlimited times.

The Ice team get bonus points by deactivating a Fire team player who has started zapping a Base but before they have destroyed it. If an Ice player deactivates a Fire player who is zapping the Base, they will receive 400 points for each hit the Fire player had on a Base. The Ice team cannot zap any Bases.


All Beacons and Standard Targets will act as Bases. No other in-field devices, including Generator Targets, function in this mission type.

For Gen7 or earlier systems, the Fire team will be Red, and the Ice team will be Blue.


Recommended length: 10 minutes.

Skill levels: Skill levels are determined by the player’s standard skill level.


Event Score
Zap opponent 100 + 10 x level diff.
Zap own team member -50
Missile opponent 500 + 100 x level diff.
Missile own team member -250
Scatter Blast opponent 100 + 10 x level diff.
Zap a Base -400
Destroy a Base 801
Deny another player their Base 401 points per hit lost