Suit Colors

  • Can change to 8 different colors
  • Change dynamically depending on players real-time ranking
  • Determined by skill level
  • Determined by team

Onboard Computer

  • Tracks your performance during the game
  • Provides important feedback and advice to help you on your mission
  • Recognizes your skill level and and skill level of all your opponents
  • Activated by players membership card
  • Recognises your codename

Made to fire single red, double red or green lasers

Two hand detection system

Muzzle flash

Vandalism detection system

Special Features Trigger

  • Activate special abilities such as nuke and payback
  • Customise onboard music and skip tracks
  • Customise character class in role playing games
  • Report shots, lives and spcial point in space marines
  • Select and cast spells in dungeons & dragons

Hit Zones

  • Phaser
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Independent hit zones flash when hit