Skill Levels

Laserforce encourages players to hone their skills by rewarding them with powerful new abilities, vibrant light colours and distinctly different shot sounds. To unlock these special features players must achieve two requirements – complete a certain number of standard missions and get their average score above a certain level. Once players meet these requirements they will automatically be promoted to the next skill level. Each skill level has its own light colour for example a level 3 Trooper is recognised by wearing a yellow battlesuit, however these light colours are only displayed in individual missions.

Below are the requirements for each skill level and the colour battlesuit each skill level denotes.

Skill level


Reporting For Duty Recruit: New players start here
Gunner Gunner: Complete 2 missions with an average score of 1500 – 2500
Trooper Trooper: Complete 4 missions with an average score of 2501 – 3700
Captain Captain: Complete 6 missions with an average score of 3701 – 5000
Starlord Star Lord: Complete 8 missions with an average score of 5001 – 6500
Lasermaster Laser Master: Complete 10 missions with an average score above 6,501


Special Abilities

Players unlock a new special ability once they meet the requirements to progress to the next skill level. Each skill level also has it’s own battlesuit light colour and distinct shot sound. Special abilities are cumulative, for example a level 3 Trooper can use rapid fire, invulnerability and payback. Use all the special abilities at your disposal to annihilate your opponents and score maximum points.

Below are the special abilities acquired at each skill level

Skill level

Special Ability


Reporting For Duty  Laser Rookie Rapid fire: When in rapid fire mode, hold down the trigger to fire rapidly at your opponents.
Gunner I'm The Juggernaut Invulnerability: When invulnerable your can’t get hit for 10 seconds.
Trooper Payback Time Payback: When you’ve been deactivated, hold down the special abilities button to reactive instantly.
Captain Shadow Ops Missiles: Score more points by locking on to a player who is level 4 or higher, wait for the high pitched tone and then pull the trigger.
Starlord Shadow Strike Reset: You can deactivate players when that are already down, even if you were the last player to hit them.
Lasermaster   Apocalypse Now Nuke: Hold down the special abilities button for 3 seconds to detonate the nuke and deactivate every level 6 player in the arena no matter where they are.