Beacons Galore

This is a standard Individual mission, except all Standard Targets operate as Beacons. See the Individual mission type description for further details.

The Beacon Powerups each show different LED effects on a Standard Target so you can tell which Powerup is available.

  Powerup LEDs  
Bonus Points Solid blue
Invulnerability Solid yellow
Score Multiplier Solid green
Rapid Fire Solid red


All Beacons and Standard Targets will act as Beacons. No other in-field devices, including Generator Targets, function in this mission type.

Recommended length: 10 minutes.

Skill levels: Skill levels are determined by the player’s standard skill level.


Event Score
Zap opponent 100 + 10 x level diff.
Missile opponent 500 + 100 x level diff.
Scatter Blast opponent 100 + 10 x level diff.
Detonate Nuke 500