Colour Conquest

Game Mechanics:

Colour Conquest is a new game type where different coloured teams battle it out, each trying to convert everyone else to their colour!

You start with 3 lives and you lose 1 life each time you are zapped. When you lose your last life, you have been conquered! But don’t despair, your lives will be replenished and your battlesuit will change to the colour of the player who last zapped you.

When only one colour remains, that team has “Conquered” and they win the round. Colours are then randomised and play continues.



  • Don’t bother trying to pick a colour when logging on because when the game starts you will be randomly assigned a colour. Your battlesuit will tell you what colour you are.
  • You can get bonus lives for zapping other players or the targets.
  • All players are deactivated with a single hit, but higher level players will have slightly more downtime.
  • As team colours are such an important part of this game, your battlesuit will dimly display your colour even when you are deactivated.


**New Feature** – Streaks

Q: What is a “Streak”?

A: It is the number of opponents you have zapped without being Conquered. When you are Conquered, your streak resets to zero.

Q: How does the scoring work?

A: Zapping an opponent is initially worth 100 points and increases as your streak increases. So to get a great score, avoid being Conquered!

Q: What does the Streak mean on the Scores screen?

A: The first number is your current streak. The second number is the best streak you have achieved in a game.

Q: What does the “Conq” mean on the Scores screen?

A: This is how many times you have been Conquered (i.e. had your colour changed).



Event Score
Zap opponent
Zap own team member
Destroy in-field target