Dead Aim

Low on ammunition, our gunslingers must make every shot count as if it were their last… because it just might be!

Each player starts with a limited number of shots. Any shot that misses is lost. However, if an opponent is hit, bonus shots are gained.

If a player has enough shots, they will be able to fire missiles. A successful missile will get the player bonus shots. However an unsuccessful missile, even an unfired one will cost the player shots.

Players with enough shots can also activate paybacks, which also cost shots.

Players can destroy the in-field targets. The number of shots required to destroy an in-field target will depend on the player’s level. When an in-field target is destroyed, bonus shots are awarded.

A player who runs out of shots will be unable to fire. However after a period of time the computer will give the player a small number of shots..



This mission type exists as both individual and team variations. The variation determines whether there are teams, and if so, how many. In the individual variation, all in-field targets are neutral, while in the team variations; in-field targets may be friendly, enemy or neutral depending on their colour.

A single shot or a single missile by an opponent deactivates all players.

Players do not receive a missile-warning tone, when another player obtains a missile-lock on them.

A Warbot will look at all passing players. If the player is doing poorly, the Warbot may give a gift of some shots, however, if the player is doing well, the Warbot may simply zap the player.
Low level players will not be able to lock-on to an in-field target unless they have enough shots to destroy it. Level 6 players will not start the mission with enough shots to destroy an in-field target.

Recommended length: 10 minutes

Skill levels:

A player’s standard skill level determines their initial number of shots, maximum number of shots, the number of shots they get when they zap/missile an opponent, and the number of shots required to destroy an in-field target.


Event Score
Zap opponent 100 + 5 x level diff.
zap own team member -100
Missile opponent 500+20 x level diff.
Missile own team member -500
Destroy in-field target 1001