This is an individual, limited shot game.

All players are single hit. Everyone starts with only 1 shot. You gain one more shot when you zap an opponent. If you fire and miss, you lose a shot. The maximum number of shots you can accumulate is 5. If you run out of shots, you will be resupplied with one shot after a period of time.

It takes 5 shots to destroy a Base which is all of your shots. If a player does not have enough shots to complete destroying a Base, they will not get a lock-on tone on that Base. When you destroy the Base you will be awarded 1001 points. Once the Base has been destroyed it will deactivate for everyone for 30 seconds. The player who destroyed it will not be able to zap it for a further 60 seconds after it reactivates. Bases can be destroyed unlimited times. After destroying a Base the player gets 1 bonus shot which will leave them on 1 shot.

If someone else zaps the Base while you are in the process of destroying it, all of your previous hits on the Base are lost. If the Base is not zapped for 10 seconds, any current damage is healed.


All Beacons and Standard Targets will act as Bases. No other in-field devices, including Generator Targets, function in this mission type.


Recommended length: 10 minutes.

Skill levels: Skill levels are determined by the player’s standard skill level. Higher skill level players will have slightly longer down time.


Event Score
Zap opponent 100
Missile opponent 500
Destroy in-field target 1001