This is a novelty 3 team game where zapping a Base gives you bonus points, but destroying a Base costs you points.

All players are single hit. All special abilities operate as per Standard missions except that all players get Rapid Fire after zapping just 1 player.

Each Base can take 9 hits before it is destroyed, and those hits can come from any player. If you zap the Base, but don’t destroy it, you will be awarded 100 points. The person who zaps the final hit destroys the Base, loses 999 points and cannot zap that Base any more for the rest of the game. When the Base is destroyed it will deactivate for all players for 20 seconds.

If the Base is not zapped for 10 seconds, it heals one hit and then will heal a further hit after every subsequent 1 second.

The key to scoring lots of points in this mission type is to zap the Bases lots of times without destroying them.


All Beacons and Standard Targets will act as Bases. No other in-field devices, including Generator Targets, function in this mission type.


Recommended length: 10 minutes.

Skill levels: Skill levels are determined by the player’s standard skill level.


Event Score
Zap opponent 100
Missile opponent 500
Blast opponent 100
Zap Base 100
Destroy Base -999