Space Marines 5Z

This is a variant on the Space Marines 5 mission format with more emphasis on “Base Defence”.

All player vs player interactions are the same as the standard Space Marines 5 mission format.

As usual, Bases require 3 hits to be destroyed and can only be destroyed once each, however in this mission there must be a 2 second delay between each hit. Each hit on the Base that does not result in the Base being destroyed costs the player 500 points. If anyone else zaps the Base while you are trying to destroy it, all of your hits on the Base are lost. If the Base is not zapped for 6 seconds all current damage is healed.

Destroying a Base awards 2001 points, 5 special points, 10 shots and 5 lives (the Medic class is not awarded lives). Once the Base is destroyed it will deactivate for all players for 25 seconds.

If you deactivate a player who is zapping the Base you will be awarded 250 points for each hit they had on the Base.


All Beacons and Standard Targets will act as Bases. No other in-field devices, including Generator Targets, function in this mission type.


Recommended length: 15 minutes.

Skill levels: Skill levels are determined by the player’s standard skill level.


Event Score Special Points Notes
Zap opponent 100 1
Zap own team member -100 0
Missile opponent 500 2
Missile own team member -500 0
Zap in-field target -500 0
Destroy in-field target 2001 5
Deny another player their target 250 0 per hit they lost
Detonate Nuke 500 0
Get zapped -20 0 1 life is lost
Get missiled -100 0 2 lives are lost
Get nuked 0 0 3 lives are lost