Space Marines (SM4)

This is a league Laserforce mission. Two teams compete, with each player taking a specific Space Marines role from the four different types available. Each character class has different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.

Players have unlimited lives and cannot be prematurely eliminated from the mission. Shots and missiles, however, are limited, and players must be regularly resupplied by the team ammunition carrier.

Space Marine Class Shots Initial / Resuply / Marx Missile Initial / Resupply / Max Hit Points
Commander 20/10/40 None 2
Heavy Weapons 50/10/100 5/5/5 3
Scout 30/10/60 10/5/10 1
Ammo Carrier Unlimited Unlimited 1


Space Marines Class Special Abilities
Commander Nuke: All opponents are deactivated. To use, hold feature button in while up. Cost: 20sp.
Heavy Weapons Payback: Player is instantly reactivated. To use, hold feature button in while down. Cost: 10sp.
Scout Stealth: Player’s visible lights are deactivated making them hard to see. To switch between stealth and normal modes, hold feature button in while up.
Ammo Carrier Resupply: Can resupply own team by zapping them while they are up.



All Warbots start in a deactivated state.

Warbots may be friendly, enemy or neutral, depending on their colour. Players may take control of a deactivated Warbot that is of a friendly or neutral colour. Control is gained with a single shot.

Once a Warbot has been controlled, it joins the controlling team and assumes the same Space Marines class as its controller. Once the Warbot has been deactivated 10 times, it will become inactive again. Warbots can use the same special abilities as a player of the same Space Marines class can.

A controlled Warbot’s character class can be changed by a single zap from a member of the controlling team.



In the 2 and 3 team variants of this mission, the in-field targets operate in the same manner as in a standard “Team” mission. In the 4-team variant the in-field targets are all considered neutral.

All players do 1 Hit point damage.

If a Commander is deactivated after activating a Nuke but before it detonates (approx. four seconds), the Nuke is cancelled and has no effect on opponents. The 20sp for the Nuke are used for no effect.

A Heavy Weapons always has rapid fire, but does not receive any normal lock-on tone.

A Scout can only fire shots while in non-stealth mode, and can only fire missiles while in stealth mode. The missiles used by a Scout in stealth lock-on much faster than the missiles used by other character classes. Other players cannot obtain a normal lock-on on a Scout in stealth, but can obtain a missile lock.

The Ammo Carrier resupplies players on their own team by zapping or missiling them while they are up. Zapping them resupplies their shots, while missiling them resupplies their missiles. A Commander cannot use missiles and so should not be missiled by the Ammo Carrier (counts as a normal missile hit).

A maximum of 20 special points can be accumulated.

Recommended length: 12 minutes

Skill Levels: All players of each character class play at the same level.


Event Score Special Points Notes
Zap opponent 100 1
Zap own team -100 0
Missile opponent 500 2
Missile own team -500 0
Destroy in-field target 1001 5
Detonate nuke 500 0
Get zapped -20 0
Get missiled -100 0 5 shots are lost
Get nuked 0 0 2 shots are lost