Wabbit Season

Be very, very quite…. We’re hunting players…

This mission is a fun mission to play. Players are either Hunters or one of their prey, Ducks or Rabbits.

The rules for the Hunters are simple; you are only allowed to hunt the prey that is “In-Season”. Hunting “Out-Of-Season” prey is bad.

The idea for both the Ducks and the Rabbits is to make sure that the other animal is the one that is “In-Season” so that the Hunters keep hunting them instead of you… and remember, the prey can‟t fight back against the Hunters! Any time one of the Ducks or Rabbits zap a member of the opposing prey team, the season swaps. If it is “Duck Season” and a prey zaps an opposing prey, it becomes “Rabbit Season” and visa versa. So the Ducks and Rabbits should be careful not to zap an opposing prey if their own team is not already “In-Season”, because that will make them “In-Season”. But the Hunters should be warned…. Towards the end of the mission… the tables will be turned!!

Hunters score points by zapping “In-Season” prey.
Ducks and Rabbits score points every time an opposing prey is zapped.

Recommended length: 7.5 minutes.
Skill levels: All players play at the same level.

Event Score
Hunter zap In-Season prey 100
Hunter zap Out-Of-Season prey -120
Hunter zap own team -100
Other team prey zapped 10