Zombies vs Suvivors

Thrown in the middle of a zombie outbreak, a group of players must survive against a small but growing number of the undead. Survivors are divided into up to four teams and must defend against both zombies and rival teams.

Survivors have armour that makes it harder to get infected by regular shots, although they can still be deactivated, much like being knocked down in a zombie movie. While deactivated, they are particularly vulnerable to zombie bites. Survivors must work with their teammates to avoid being infected, while defending against rival survivor teams. If a zombie missiles a survivor, they become infected. Once a player has been infected, they have limited time to be cured before they turn into a zombie themselves. While infected, their Battlesuit will warn them that time is running out to find a cure.

To be cured, a player must use their anti-zombie tonic. Survivors may begin the game with a single tonic (level dependent) that can be activated by holding in the special button. Additional tonics are awarded by destroying in-field targets.

Much like in zombie movies, a survivor may not necessarily tell their teammates they have been infected, to avoid being cast out of the group. It is up to each survivor to decide how to handle being infected. Some players may wish to enlist the help of their teammates to reach an in-field target before it is too late, while others may keep it a secret and turn on their friends!

If a survivor turns into a zombie, their Battlesuit will change colours to indicate they have switched teams. Once a player becomes undead, they cannot be cured and will remain a zombie until the end of the game. Zombies have the ability to go into stealth mode, giving the illusion of being a deactivated survivor. Zombies fire slower than survivors, but are relentless, as indicated by their low downtime. Fortunately, more powerful weapons will slow them down. A missile will deactivate a zombie for a longer period of time.

Zombies have a limited number of lives. When their lives are exhausted, their Battlesuit will announce “Lives unavailable”, and they become “defeated”. To become reactivated, they must be zapped by another zombie, or move within sight of a Warbot. This encourages zombies to stick together.
For standalone operation, approximately 20% of players should start on the green team as zombies.

Recommended length: 7.5 or 10 minutes. Continuous game mode may be used for haunted house operation.


Event Score  
Zap opponent
Zap own team member
Collect a cure from in-field target