The most common game types played at Laserforce is the standard team and individual game. Playing standard games give players the opportunity to increase their average score which is used to determines a players skill level. As players progress up the skill levels they unlock new suit colours, shot sounds and special abilities to use in standard games.


Advanced game types are a lot more challenging than standard games and are a great way for players to hone their skills. Playing the many available advanced game types will train players to fire and evade missiles, detonate nukes, fire accurately, use shots sparingly, survive on limited lives and more. For maximum enjoyment players should attempt to master the standard game types before trying to play the advanced game types.

Role Playing

Role playing games are generally reserved for the most elite Laserforce players who have mastered all of the advanced game types and attained level 6 Laser Master, the highest skill rank in Laserforce. Role playing games allow players to customise their character class and play a specific role in the game. For example in Space Marines 5, players can play as either medic, ammo carrier, scout, heavy weapons or commander. Each character class has it’s own special abilities, number of starting shots and lives, hit points and damage. Space Marines 5 is recognised as the most sophisticated laser tag experience on the planet and is the standard game format for Laserforce league tournaments. Enquire at your nearest Laserforce site about league and joining a team or why not get 5 friends together and start your own?


Novelty games are great fun and commonly played during specialty Party Night and Midnight to Dawn events. Enquire at your nearest Laserforce site about the next Party Night and Midnight to Dawn.