Laserforce Provides Laser Tag for Top Gear UK Episode

Laserforce Provides Laser Tag for Top Gear UK Episode

30 years ago Tom Cruise delivered one of his most iconic roles as Maverick in Top Gun. One of the most memorable scenes from Top Gun is the dogfight where Maverick missiles his opponent and saves the day.  The BBC UK Top Gear team decided to pay homage to the movie on its 30-year anniversary with a recreation of this dogfight at the Fallon Naval Air Base.

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To help realize the vision of a high speed laser tag dogfight between a Dodge Viper and a Chevy Corvette, Laserforce and Creative Works partnered to deliver a custom laser tag solution.  With exclusive features like lock-on missile capabilities and reverse IR, Laserforce was uniquely suited for the challenge.  Laserforce based the custom Top Gear game type on Highlander, an elimination-style game where if you are hit by a missile, you are eliminated.

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Speed, mobility, and range were presented to the Laserforce team as challenges that are not commonly experienced in a controlled, indoor laser tag environment.  The Laserforce development team delivered a custom solution that allowed two cars to battle it out at speeds exceeding 150 KM/H.

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For an in-depth look at the Top Gear laser tag dogfight, you can check out the episode, which aired as part of season 23.

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Laserforce has been operating, developing and manufacturing laser tag equipment since 1988.  They are a trusted name in the laser tag industry and a global leader in the mid-range and high-end with sites operating all over Australia, America and Europe. For additional information regarding Laserforce and their state of the art technology visit their website at



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