Capitol City Speed Demons
26 Amberley Road,
Springfield IL 62712 USA
Telephone: +1 217 498 8774

WE OFFER A 40 X 40 FOOT INFLATABLE ARENA, with many different rooms, with doorways, hallways, and windows. It is like playing in a 1600 square foot inflatable house. Inside the “house” there are black lights, strobe lights, and fog.

So before you rent a laser tag system for your event, make sure you are getting a high quality system like ours– that offers:

Lock-on tone–The locked-on-to-target sound tells players when they have acquired a target and that, if they pull the trigger, they will score a hit. This is an invaluable aid for beginners.

Successful tag shot sound–Laserforce provides different sounds for shots that hit and shots that miss. It is the only system in the world where players receive both a fire and hit sound. Every other laser tag system provides only a fire sound, regardless of whether the shot hits or misses.

Muzzle flash–Realistic and spectacular ultra-white lights simulate muzzle flash when a player fires a gun.

Shoulder speakers and onboard real-time speech advice–Shoulder speakers send perfect clear sounds to nearby ears. The onboard digital speech processor is one of Laserforce’s most advanced and exciting features. During the game, the battlesuit itself provides more than 300 messages and sound effects, including advice, encouragement and excitement. This adds amazing realism to the game.

Independent hit zones–The battlesuit’s shoulders, back, chest and phaser are all hit zones. Each one flashes independently when hit.

Individual or team games–With our system you can play a variety of games. It can be every man, woman, or child for themselves…every one shoots everyone. Or you can play different type of team games from boys versus girls, parents versus kids, etc all the way up to 5 different teams of two on a team.

Real time scoring action–Your friends can watch real time scoring action on our external monitor while they are waiting to play too. They can know who is shooting who, who just got killed, who activated rapid fire, who is winning at the present moment.

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