Laserforce Kaiserslautern
Strassburger Allee 8
67657 Kaiserslautern
UCI Kinogebäude, Germany
Telephone: 0631 41484789

The trendy sport „lasertag“ has its origins in the USA and is known from the famous TV series „How I Met Your Mother”. This indoor sport is a lot of fun and action for young and old. For you, we brought Laserforce to Kaiserslautern – one of the best lasertag systems in the world. More fun, more features at Laserforce Kaiserslautern.

In our spacey lasertag arena you can jump into a different galaxy. After exciting lasertag games you can relax in our space-lounge, enjoying cold beverages. Having some snacks and delicious bars, you can regain energy for the next round.

Do you want to play at the coolest lasertag arena in Kaiserslautern – at Laserforce Kaiserslautern? Please use our ONLINE form to book your personal trendy sport event instantly! Afterwards, you will receive a booking confirmation by email – then you can look forward to fun and action at our spacey arena.