Invasion Laser Tag
1290 W San Marcos Blvd #101
San Marcos CA 92078
Telephone: +1 760 571 9191

Invasion Laser Tag is offers an experience different from anything available in North San Diego County. Our facility is 10,350 sq/ft total with a Laserforce, arcade and lazer maze attraction.

Stepping into the arena is like walking through a futuristic, space themed labyrinth. Music, thematic props, and intermittent flashes of light and color, break through the foggy darkness to bombard the player’s senses. The arena is technologically sophisticated to interact with the players.

Inside the Lazer Frenzy laser maze you’ll enjoy completing a variety of objectives while being surrounded by a web of laser beams that you must navigate carefully just like in the spy movies to achieve the high score and complete your mission.

img_064810 img_064821 img_064824 img_064840 img_064850 LaserForce_Our_Arena