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Fun and recreational sports for young and old

Lasertag is absolutely safe and fun bringing. The new Fun and recreational sports is enjoying greater popularity worldwide and is now also with us more and more followers.
The player’s equipment consists of a vest and a phaser. Both wear luminous sensors zones, on the one hand to signal the team membership and on the other hand can be marked in order to score points.

Since Laserforce of infrared technology operates, it is completely harmless to health.


Lasertag is full of action like paintball, but much safer and cleaner

There are formed teams that will compete in various team colors to today. The aim of the game is to score the most points for himself and his team with the Phaser. In Lasertag divorced from any player, a player is marked disabled, his equipment for a few seconds. In the time you can change the cover. After reactivating one is right in the game again and again to intervene in what is happening. The team with the highest score wins.


Lasertag promotes team spirit and strategic thinking. Women and men, young and old can play together and build social ties and consolidate. Therefore Lasertag is for Team training in the corporate area and for group promotion in children and young people absolutely ideal and very popular. For Lasertag does not require any protective clothing, normal casual wear is perfectly sufficient. Camouflage and military Uniformierungen are prohibited in our rules. In our 500 square meter arena up to 20 players are active.

For experts

We offer dozens of game modes that offer a completely different game experience each.

Capture the Flag
Samurai etc.!

5 Tips for a successful game

  • Games team
  • Change servicekit after every deactivating your coverage or go to another part of the arena
  • Stay on the move, moving targets must be taken worse than static
  • Use the cover of your team
  • Where are most of your opponent? Sneak in you and surprise you


Any player who plays for the first time receives a briefing prior to the game in equipment and rules of play. The introduction is carried out by a training video and our staff. For underage players the briefing carried out exclusively by the staff.


  • No physical contact with other players looking for! – Take into consideration each other!
  • In the labyrinth not run, run backwards or squat!
  • Do not climb, lie on the floor, or crawling!
  • The concealing the sensors is prohibited!
  • The player assured to have consumed any alcoholic drinks before the game and to be sober.
  • Any kinds of masks, disguises and military coverings are prohibited

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