Laserforce – Leicester
20 Devonshire Rd,
Leicester LE4 0BF, England
Telephone: +44 0116 251 6778

Laserforce is an exciting, participation fantasy game allowing players to be the space hero that they have always wanted to be, in a safe environment.  Using laser guns (totally safe), players battle friends or foes and our own computer controlled alien within a futuristic, visually exciting, interactive arena where laser beams, pierce the darkness in a pyrotechnic display reminiscent of Star Wars.

Players wearing illuminated Battlesuits and armed with Phaser Guns hide behind protective cover and manoeuvre through our themed maze – shooting all the while.

Laserforce is the most advanced computer controlled laser games system in the world and offers a great time for all participants, irrespective of their age or experience.

The Battle-suit

The Laserforce Battle-suit is made from a light but highly durable mesh that ‘breathes’ allowing air to circulate through it. It is styled with a florescent material which glows brightly when exposed to UV black light, producing a sci-fi appearance. Adjustable side straps allow players of all sizes to be comfortable, and only weighing 3.2kg, even small children can play.

The shoulder pads provide feedback to the player with crystal clear digital speech and sound effects, so the player is always aware of what is happening during the game.

Key features on the new Gen 6 Battle-suits are;

  • Battle-suits that change colour.
  • Increased number of Battle-suit sensors that flash white when zapped.
  • Improved Battle-suit digital sound system for individual player advice, messages and sound effects
  • Improved graphics and additional information on the score screen
  • Improved graphics and additional information on Member’s Kiosk
  • Increased options for mission creation. Faster radio communication between the Battle-suits, Arena Devices and the Mission Computer

The Phaser

The Laserforce Phaser has been designed to survive the toughest environments. It is injection molded in polycarbonate and is extremely strong. Safety features include a soft rubber nose and enforces two handed firing, making sure that the players keep the phaser close to their body and abuse lockout feature.

The Phaser contains six hit sensors and four large LEDs providing 360 degree visibility and hitability, so even if only a player’s phaser can be seen , they can still be identified and zapped.

Key features on the new Phasers are;
Handling sensors in the phaser

  • Front button used to select and activate mission features
  • Muzzle flash, when you fire