Toad’s Fun Zone
1690 West 400 North in Ogden,
Telephone: (801) 392-4653

Test your skill and challenge your friends in our 4,300 square foot, two-story fire and ice themed Laser Tag arena! We feature the most advanced laser tag system on the market – Laserforce Laser Tag Systems! Each thrilling laser tag experience lasts between 20-25 minutes and includes an instructional briefing, a suit-up period, a 7-10 minute game time in our multi-level arena, followed by a detailed scorecard at the conclusion.

Your mission begins in our cavernous Briefing Room where you will receive instructions on playing laser tag, the objectives of your game scenario, and the rules of the game. Next, you’ll move into the Vesting Room to suit-up into your high-tech laser tag “Battlesuit”, complete with vest and phaser with 360 degree hitability! Once you’ve suited up, you’ll enter the Earth’s core (our two-story Arena) where the battle between fire and ice has been raging for eons! This large multi-level laser tag arena has a myriad of obstacles to hide behind including walls of ice crystal and molten lava, large stalactites, and a huge orb in the center of the arena shooting out lasers from all sides.

Challenge yourself as you maneuver through a maze of strategically-located obstacles and protective enclaves as you try to out think and out score your opposition! At the end of the competition review your ranking on either a computer generated print-out or the big screen scoreboard as you exit the arena. Games can be arranged as individuals or grab your friends and divide up into teams. Bet ya can’t play just once.

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